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  • Chris Williams

Thursday 9th July - Icon of the Day

I have this that I must do

One day: overdraw on my balance

Of air, and breaking the surface

Of water go down into the green

Darkness to search for the door

To myself in dumbness and blindness

And uproar of scared blood

At the eardrums. There are no signposts

There but bones of the dead

Conger, no light but the pale

Phosphorus, where the slow corpses

Swag. I must go down with the poor

Purse of my body and buy courage.

Paying for it with the coins of my breath.

‘This to do’ by R S Thomas


Image: Woodland Pool, Glynllifon, North Wales

Photo by Eric Jones, used under licence CC BY-SA 2.0


In St Mary’s prayer cycle for June 2020, today we pray for peace and reconciliation among the nations, in the Church and in our community.


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