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  • Chris Williams

Thursday 1st October - Icon of the Day

‘To know clearly what you surrender, what you gain, and to have no regrets, to revisit without envy the scenes of a surrendered joy, and to taste it ephemerally once more, with a delight undimmed by the knowledge that it is momentary, that is happiness, that surely is freedom’

From ‘The Bell’ - Iris Murdoch


Image: Svalbard, on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. Fog is lifting and the sun comes down to a completely calm sea.

Photo: ‘AWeith’, July 2015, used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International licence.


In St Mary’s prayer cycle for this month, today we pray for our vision and mission as a church.


Please donate if you can!

In these unprecedented times, St Mary’s is reaching out and supporting our community in many ways, especially online. But with Services in church cancelled, we no longer receive income from collections, nor from hiring out the church and hall buildings.

If you can help us financially to continue to offer Christ's love to our community in these difficult times, as those before us have done down the centuries, please consider making a donation by debit/credit card and to Gift Aid it if possible, by clicking this link to 'givealittle':

Thank you!


If you would like to contribute to these reflections, please do email Katherine Cox at



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