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  • Chris Williams

Sunday 7th March - Icon of the Day

‘I open my life to you, Lord,

I make space this day for your coming

I move from busyness to your stillness

I move from sounds to your silence,

I move from insensitivity to awareness.

I thrust out from the land and look to Heaven.

I open my life to you.

I open my heart to your love.

I open my ears to your call.

I open my eyes to your presence.

I open my life to you.’

David Adam


Image: Rowing boat on a still lake

Photo: ‘Rosendahl’, 2013


In St Mary’s prayer cycle for this month, we pray for those struggling with broken relationships.


In these unprecedented times, St Mary’s is reaching out and supporting our community in many ways, especially online. But with activities in our buildings greatly restricted, we no longer receive the previous level of financial support from collections at Services, nor from hiring out the church and hall buildings.

If you can help us financially to continue to offer Christ's love to our community in these difficult times, please consider making a donation by debit/credit card and to Gift Aid it if possible, by clicking this link to 'givealittle':

Thank you!



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