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  • Chris Williams

Saturday 23rd May - Icon of the day

A Blackbird Singing by R. S. Thomas

It seems wrong that out of this bird, Black, bold, a suggestion of dark Places about it, there yet should come Such rich music, as though the notes' Ore were changed to a rare metal At one touch of that bright bill. You have heard it often, alone at your desk In a green April, your mind drawn Away from its work by sweet disturbance Of the mild evening outside your room. A slow singer, but loading each phrase With history's overtones, love, joy And grief learned by his dark tribe In other orchards and passed on Instinctively as they are now, But fresh always with new tears.

Image: Common Blackbird

Photo by Leo ‘Oystercatcher’ – under licence CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Here blackbirds calling on this video from Maurice Baker:


In St Mary’s prayer cycle for May 2020, today we pray for all babies and those as yet unborn.


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