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Palm Sunday: 5th April

Updated: Apr 7

Dear Friends,

Please find below some ideas for parents and children for a home-based Sunday School. 

Links to printable activities: 

A Palm Sunday word search. http://www.dltk-bible.com/word-search/word-search-palm-sunday.htm

A simple palm tree craft the whole family can be involved in. http://www.dltk-bible.com/crafts/mpalm-handprints.htm

A colouring sheet of Jesus riding on a donkey entering Jerusalem http://www.supercoloring.com/coloring-pages/jesus-entry-into-jerusalem

1. Today we begin a very important week in Jesus' life. He is coming to Jerusalem.

Small children: which Special Days do we celebrate at St Mary's Church? Let's name some (Christingle, Christmas, Easter, Harvest, Baptisms, what is their meaning?) Which Special Day do we celebrate at home? Name some (e.g. birthdays)

Older children: Where is Jerusalem? What was so important about Jerusalem (=the Temple), why were Jewish people going every year to Jerusalem (Passover Feast)

Today Jesus is going to his "Church" to celebrate the Passover Feast: what was the Passover Feast about?

2.  Small children: Watch this clip about Jesus' entry to Jerusalem:


Older children: Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem [Palm Sunday] 


3. Activities/discussion:

Small children: may colour an image of Jesus on the donkey.

Older children: Discuss the main events in Jesus' life: how important was the entry to Jerusalem in the life of Jesus? His trust in God, his awareness that he is going to fulfil the will of his Father.

4. Prayer: 

Small children: we give thanks for Jesus' life and our church St Mary's.

Older children: God, help us to find Your will in daily life at home, to love one another, to stay positive.

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