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  • Chris Williams

Friday 19th June - Icon of the Day


Written by Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight, After his CONDEMNATION, The Day before his Death.

Give me my Scollap-Shell of Quiet,

My Staff of Faith to lean upon;

My Scrip of Joy, Immortal Diet,

My Bottle of Salvation;

My Gown of Glory, Hopes True Gage:

And thus I'll go my Pilgrimage.

Blood must be my Body's Balm,

For here no other Balm is given;

Whilst my Soul, like a quiet Palm,

Travels to the Land of Heaven,

And there I'll kiss the Bowl of Bliss,

And drink m'Eternal Fill on e v'ry milky Hill.

My Soul may be a thirst before;

But after, it shall ne'er thirst more.

And in this happy Blissful Way

More Painful Pilgrims I shall see,

Which have put off their Rags of Clay,

And go Apparell'd Fresh, like me:

I'll bring them first to quench their Thirst

To the Pure Wells where Sweetness dwells;

And then to Taste of Nectar-Suckets,

Drawn up by Saints in Cristal Buckets.


Image: Thomas Cole. Study for Two Youths Enter Upon a Pilgrimage, 1846-48, Oil on canvas, Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Witchita State University; Gift of Sam and Rie Bloomfield, 1954 1. 2. Photo courtesy of the Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art.


In St Mary’s prayer cycle for June 2020, today we pray For those whose treatment is on hold because of the virus.


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