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  • Piotr Ashwin-Siejkowski

Easter Day Sunday School

Father Piotr offers these suggestions for parents and children this Easter weekend as part of our ‘Virtual Sunday School’:

For little children:

1. You may wish to start with the following prayer: "Dear God, thank you for the joy of Easter, which reminds us that you love all of us and Jesus is with you and with us forever."

2. You may find this (old but good) video about Easter helpful:…/st…/lets-celebrate-easterperformance

3. Activity: making a small Easter Garden. What do you need? Little flower that will symbolise Jesus, pot, soil, water, maybe some pebbles, bit of paper, if you wish a rock made of newspaper, maybe some animals, if you wish little angels and Mary, Peter and John (Jesus' friends). You can use the glue. You are most welcome to create your garden on Saturday or Friday and then show us online on Sunday.

4. Prayers: short prayers for all members of your family. If possible, maybe call grandpa and grandma and ask how are they?

5. Easter garden hunt for Easter Eggs - Happy Easter!…/

--- For older children

Talking about: 1. The last three days of Jesus' life: Thursday/Last Supper ("I love you all and love one another")

2. Good Friday: "I am going to the darkest place in order to bring my light to all people"

3. Saturday: silence is important, brings lots of things into a perspective. It is like our current self-isolation.

4. Easter Morning: the greatest joys of our life (e.g. some moments in your child’s life) now even greater as with the Living Jesus we are again connected with God and one another by love. You may watch this clip:

Gospel of John, Easter Morning:

Talk about the characters, emotions... where do we encounter the risen Jesus now? (E.g. where is love, compassion, during the Eucharist in our church, in prayer?)

Prayer: "Merciful God, thank You for calling Your Son back to life. Thank You for His teaching about Your love and compassion. Help us to live our daily life inspired by the story of Resurrection. Amen".


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