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Notes On a Green Theme

As I sit and write this I am wondering how my old lawn mower is going to cope with the first cut of our lawn after it has gone wild during the No Mow May initiative. The grass is really long so I’m hoping I’ve got lots of happy little bugs in there, I just don’t want them all to perish when I start mowing again. Oh the responsibility!

So as No Mow May comes to an end we can begin the Wildlife Trusts campaign “30 Days Wild”. This means getting outdoors throughout the month of June and letting nature inspire you in all sorts of different ways. David Oakes, ambassador for the Wildlife Trusts, says : "We need nature more than ever and 30 Days Wild is a chance to really celebrate our connection to the precious green and blue spaces both on our doorstep and beyond”

Jo Richards, head of communications at The Wildlife Trusts, says: “What better an excuse to go out and enjoy the UK’s great outdoors, which is simply buzzing with nature’s activities, whether it be wildflowers blooming, butterflies fluttering or skylarks bouncing up and down.”

A very special way to engage with the nature on our very own doorstep is to take a stroll through the beautiful Oak Lane Cemetery; a place steeped in history and a haven for birds, butterflies and all kinds of mini beasts. Caring For God’s Acre – the conservation charity for burial grounds across the UK- has been encouraging people to celebrate these fantastic places throughout the year but especially in the lovely month of June.

Please keep sending your ideas regarding more sustainable living tips and tricks to me, Liz Webborn on Thank you. Check out the website too, some of the old articles have been posted there.


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