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  • Liz Webborn

Notes On a Green Theme

3rd August 2022

After the driest July since 1935 and hose pipe bans already bin some parts of the country, I’m sure we are all thinking of ways to save and reuse water.

Here are a couple of ideas that look very 'doable'.

  • Take a bucket into the shower with you and collect the cold water that runs off whilst waiting for the hot to come through, this can be used to flush the loo or to water the garden. The same can be done at the kitchen sink.

  • The water left in the pan after cooking vegetables, once cooled, can also be used in the garden.

  • Turn off the tap! Whilst brushing your teeth the tap doesn’t need to be on for the whole time, only when you rinse.

Please keep your Eco Tips coming to me. I hope to create a bank of your ideas that we can publish on a regular basis. Anything about the three ‘R’s’ ~ Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ will be gratefully received. Thank you.

10th August 2022

It’s always important to keep ourselves hydrated and never more so than on these hot weather days.

Did you know that retail outlets such as Greggs, Harris and Hoole, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Café Nero Nando’s to name but a few will allow you to refill your water bottles free of charge?

On another matter I am indebted to Stephen Tetley for asking the question, “Where can I take my unwanted mobile phone and laptop?”

Oxfam will take mobile phones and our local branch certainly will. All data will be wiped, the phone sold and the proceeds fed into the charity.

Computers4Charity is a registered UK technology charity that securely and safely refurbish your unwanted or surplus laptops, computers or old IT equipment and donate it to charity causes across the UK.

I will research the other charities offering to take old devices and get back to you. Do you have any suggestions on this issue to share?

Keep your ideas coming to me on for publication at a future date.

I think this article could do with a green themed border and logo so if you have an idea what that might look like please send it to me, thank you.


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