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  • Emily Bainbridge

Dear Friends

Dear Friends, You may think that, as there are no official church services, that you have got away with not hearing a sermon from me this weekend, but bad luck! In the face of what is happening to us as a community, country and world, it's perhaps more important than ever that we keep in regular contact with each other. With the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, you and I will need in the coming days, to find new ways of being "community", being "connected" and being "in communion" with each other. We must rise to the challenge of countering the self isolating, social distancing existence which will be the new reality for us for the foreseeable future. I have been giving frequent thanks this past week for Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the world wide web. This is a hugely significant tool we will have at our disposal to build bridges, make new friends and show solidarity with one another, whilst not forgetting those in our midst who do not have access to a computer. I am so grateful to those who over the last few days have worked with me to establish a way of keeping in touch as members of St. Mary's and I have also wanted to ensure that we provide resources for you and your children, so that we not only keep our faith alive, but allow it to grow and to deepen. You will see from the website over the coming days, that we are seeking to provide you with resources for parents and also readings for adults, which can inspire and direct our thinking. The main thing I have been aware of over the past week is the tangible force of love which is informing and inspiring us as we negotiate this new reality.

May the God who unites us all, help us to feel united with one another. May the God who loves us all, help us to feel love for one another. May the God who reaches out to us all, help us to reach out to one another. With your help and with the guidance of God we will continue to be a thriving, vibrant Christian community. With your help and with the guidance of God we will find ways of being a community of praise and practical service. With your help and with the guidance of God we will emerge from this challenge closer to God and closer to each other.

Please remember that I am here if you need me, please feel free to get in touch at any time.

We will be keeping the church open tomorrow (Sunday) 9am-12noon where you are welcome to join me. I will be taking with me the Electoral Roll/Church Membership List and will be praying for each one of you by name. With blessings, prayers, best wishes and love Jeff


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