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  • Liz Webborn

Notes On a Green Theme

Thank you to Diana Wells for passing on an article headed “Beauty that’s more than skin deep” from the Fairtrade Foundation. Apparently, there are over 250 Fairtrade certified beauty products available out there. Shea butter is a key ingredient in many of these beauty, wellness and cosmetic products. Choosing products which use Fairtrade shea can mean more power and income to the Women Entrepreneurs who produce shea butter.

Read the whole article here Beauty and wellness - Fairtrade Foundation

Another article for you is the one about the Golden Wonder crisp packet a Mr Chris Turner found on a beach in Norfolk which dates back to the 1960’s that was in the paper on Tuesday! Another example of just how long it takes plastics to decompose which reminds me of a Notes on a Green Theme article from a month or two ago regarding plastic toothbrushes and that my (and your) first plastic toothbrush is still out there somewhere. Jenny Kelly was telling me the other day how easy it is now to buy bamboo toothbrushes; most super markets and Boots are selling them.

Great to have two tips from you this week, please keep sending them in to Thank you



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