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  • Christopher Williams

Mothering Sunday and Mothers' Union

This Sunday, 10th March, we celebrate Mothering Sunday and mark the work of St Mary's branch of the Mothers' Union at the end of over 130 years of service.

Father Jeff writes:

'Traditionally people used to return to their "mother church", their family church, perhaps where they were Baptised earlier in their lives, to give thanks today, as part of their preparation for the saving events of Holy Week and Easter. Today we give thanks for the nurturing role St Mary's has had in the lives of generations of Twickensians over the centuries and pray for God's blessing on all who have a special place in their hearts four our church.

'On Sunday we shall also be giving thanks for the nurturing role St Mary's branch of the Mothers Union has had since its foundation at our church in 1893. We give thanks for the contributions made by so many over so many years; the part they played in supporting young families especially in the years preceding the foundation of Social Services and the National Health service; for its championing of causes throughout the world which defended the rights of women and for the sense of community and support it has given to those who craved such comfort. After 131 years of dedicated service, St Mary's branch of the Mother`s Union is today being suspended, having given birth to so many children who continue its work in other ways.'



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