Icon of the day - 13th May

Updated: May 14, 2020

Wednesday 13th May

Image – NHS Mural by Stik, British artist who started painting unofficial, socially conscious murals in his hometown of Hackney, East London in 2001. He frequently collaborates with hospitals, charities and homeless organisations.

Photo: London24

‘Lift your eyes to endless, exact, intelligent love, the love that sustains everything, and something of that intelligent love will spill over into your own care, into your own devotion and attention…

But of course that is as much to say that caring changes us. Caring is not simply something we do: put on, put off, switch on, switch off. It changes us as people. And one of the hardest challenges for those in the ‘caring’ professions is to know how to cope with that in ways that are not invasive or crippling or crushing: to let the reality of what is there change them and not to let it devour them’

(Rowan Williams in a sermon about Florence Nightingale).

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