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Opening up St Mary's 


Opening Up St Mary’s


The church building is now open again after re-ordering the nave! The specially designed stackable benches can be moved as required to create a flexible open space in the centre of the church. A wooden floor has been installed flush with the pre-existing flagstones and improvements made to the heating system.

The church will also be redecorated (last carried out 30 years ago), so that it may remain a welcoming, attractive and affirming place for worship and fellowship.


The works enable the church:

  • To be the cultural and spiritual heart of our community by hosting a wider range of activities such as concerts and exhibitions.

  • To address social needs. In recognising the fragmentation of society, we endeavour to nurture a deeper sense of community by offering hospitality to various groups in a flexible, accessible space throughout the week.

  • To serve our growing community by creating a large open area in addition to the Church Hall that can accommodate larger groups, such as pupils at our Church School. Over the years the school has tripled in size and we can no longer accommodate all the pupils in the current pew configuration.

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