March 2014

The Granting of the Freedom of the Borough to Sir David Attenborough

On March 27th, we are granting the Freedom of the Borough to Sir David Attenborough. Jeff will read the opening prayer in his capacity as Mayors Chaplain.

We give thanks for the natural world And for all who help reveal to us Its complexity and wonder.

We give thanks for the enterprise of broadcasting And for those who help us become more aware Of the issues and challenges which face us.

We pray that each of us may use our awareness of all these things Wisely and well and so play our part In promoting a greater sense of responsibility For the future of our planet and its people.

Tonight we give especial thanks for Sir David, For the many and various ways in which He has enriched and extended Our experience and enjoyment of life.

We pray for God`s Blessing upon him and his family His colleagues and those areas of the world Which are closest to his heart.

All these things we ask In the name of the Lord our God.


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